Live streaming and replay capture device

Automatically Live Stream & Create Replays as you score

The MAR Hub automatically live streams, generates replays, and has powerful scoring integrations. It comes in two different forms: installed and portable, and can work with either HDMI camcorders or IP network cameras.

Live Stream

Automatically broadcast to YouTube as you score.


Instant Replays

Created replays just by scoring, automatically uploaded into your MAR Dashboard.

Create Highlights

Use the MAR Dashboard to create compilations from all of your uploaded replays.

Start Scoring

Start scoring with any supported scoring tool for your sport of choice, including cricHQ, Total Cricket Scorer, Play-Cricket Scorer Pro and the MAR Companion App for rugby, football, netball, hockey and more

Go Live Automatically

A live stream is automatically created when you start scoring, the event it automatically titled based on your match and includes live score graphics right in the stream

View and Share Replays

Video replays are automatically saved as you score the game, tagged with information like player and event, and uploaded into the My Action Replay platform where you can access and share them

Hub Installations

A weatherproof HD CCTV IP camera is installed with a great view of your pitch, for ultimate ease-of-use on match day. Once installed the system is always on, ready to be used instantly with no setup.  The system works automatically and can be further controlled with the MAR Companion App.

Great for clubs, centres and stadiums

  • Always-on, no setup needed on match day
  • No Laptop required to start
  • HD IP camera installed at height
  • Weatherproof

Portable Hub

Our next-gen MAR Hub for people who need to work from multiple venues or simply don’t have the infrastructure for an installed Hub. Setup in minutes to go live from any location, whether there is power and network or not.

4G Mobile Internet

No need for WiFi or expensive network infrastructure


Battery Powered

Work anywhere, without the need to run extension leads

Any sport, any team, any location

Use a single Hub to Live stream and capture home and away games, for different teams playing a variety of sports