Great news for all Players, Supporters, Coaches, Analysts and Sponsors –  My Action Replay® captures all the best bits of sporting action at your venue and makes them instantly available to view and share.


Here’s all the information you need on how to use your My Action Replay system, and how we can help you get the most out of it.


Each ‘How To’ guide explains a different part of the system. If you’re already familiar with how My Action Replay works you can go straight to the Guides.  If you’re new to My Action Replay, have a read of ‘The Basics’ below to get you started.


 Click here for the ‘How To’ Guides

The basics – Create the Replays, then View the Replays


Replays can be created in 3 ways:


1. By pressing the re:reel button on the handheld clicker.


2. By pressing the re:reel button fixed to the wall or fencing.


3. By pressing the virtual re:reel button on your tablet or mobile by using our App.


Once created, replays can be viewed in 4 ways:


1. On your tablet or mobile using the My Action Replay App – available on android & i-phone/i-pad.


2. On the TV screen at your venue.


3. Online.  You can control which replays appear online and can even set your social media accounts to broadcast them.


4. On Social media.  Broadcast highlight from matches and events by uploading selected replays to your twitter, facebook, instagram and vine accounts

 Click here for the ‘How To’ Guides

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