Case Study

An interview with Bury CC

Bury CC

Bury Cricket Club, Near Manchester, UK, was formed in 1845 and has played in the many area leagues and associations over the years. The 1990s saw the club make a significant effort to build their Junior section which is now one of the largest and most successful in the region. Thriving today, the club has over 120 players across all junior levels and three senior teams, competing in the Greater Manchester Cricket League.

Mark Smith has been involved with Bury for more than 10 years and Chairman since 2010. He is also on the board of the newly created and highly successful Greater Manchester Cricket League which uses CricHQ for all its competition management and scoring.

What did you want to achieve by using CricHQ and My Action Replay

We moved to CricHQ in 2016 as part of the league as a whole. When we heard that video scorecards were an additional feature this year we wanted to get onboard quickly. It’s really been worth it.

What MAR system are you using?

We have a camera fixed to the clubhouse so it’s at a great vantage point and it’s activated for all our matches. The scorer uses an iPad to score on CricHQ. It took a couple of weeks to get used to it and to fit it into the match set-up properly but once up and running it’s all been great.

How do you view/use the replays? 

We have the livestream on the screen in the bar. And if we’re not showing our game we’ll have one of the other league games showing – it’s amazing to be able to be watching them from our own home ground! The livestream goes out on our social media and someone from the club also sends some of the highlights out too. Our scorecards are all there for people to view straightaway, and we love seeing the video as part of that. We’ve featured in the CricHQ Weekend Top 5 a couple of times now and it’s great that all this cricket is being watched by so many people.

What results have you seen from using the My Action Replay hub within CricHQ?

The whole club has really taken to it – they think it’s excellent. One of our U15 replays of a fantastic catch has been watched over 4,000 times, for example, which is a great advert for us and the players. It has really raised the profile and reputation of Bury and we’ve found we’ve engaged with our members here even more than before. It’s been great for our development as a whole.