The My Action Replay system enables replays like this:


To be generated instantly and simply by pressing a button after the action occurs:



re-reel button and screen

Or pressing the button on a handheld clicker:



(They can also be created via our My Action Replay app)

The replays are instantly available to view via our secure ‘Studio’ web interface:

mar Studio

Allowing authorised users to view video and publish to their social media channels.

Interaction and engagement are maximised as speed is of the essence to publish replays.

somerset Facebook

Somerset were able to post the video above within minutes of it happening resulting in far higher views.

It is also possible to post instantly to social media in T20 cricket:


From the Studio the video replay can easily be downloaded and displayed on the big electronic screens or automatically played back on the TV screens increasing fan engagement at the stadium.


The replays can be also be used by scorers, press and other staff for ensuring accuracy in scoring and reports.

The platform will automatically brand the replays as required and transmit them to a private youtube channel (if required)

youtube Somerset Channel

Videos can be embedded into match reports and ‘as it happens’ reporting:

somerset web embed

The studio also enables further effects to be added like our ‘retrace’ below

We can also connect into IPTV systems to display the replays on screens around the ground.

The system can connect to the ECB provided cameras and / or connect to further cameras for differing views.

Our team are highly experienced in designing and implementing digital TV projects. We own all the software in our product and are able to modify and integrate with other systems quickly and simply.

We would love to talk to you about how we can work together and ensure that you get the most out of your amazing sport.


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