Replays that have been configured for being transmitted online will be available through the portal. For the ‘How To Guide’ on how to set your My Action Replay system to send replays online automatically and how to control what goes on click here. To access the replays see the instructions below:


1. Go to and click on ‘Latest Replays’



portal_HomePage_pointers My Action Replay



2. The portal shows all of the latest match highlights from the different sites. If you have put an entry into your calendar then your replays will start to appear here as soon as they have been created. (Time at which they appear here will depend on the speed of your Internet connection and current usage)



portal_loggedOut My Action Replay



3. You can view all of the available match highlights through the portal just click on one of the thumbnails to show the screen below.



portal_play_session My Action Replay



4. Clicking on the double arrow buttons takes you to the next match. By clicking on the icon under the video window you can share directly on social media. You can also get the link to the match by clicking on the hyperlink icon.



portal_play_session_link My Action Replay



5. If you want to go to the next replay in the match, click on the video window and click on the forward and back arrows that appear within the video window.
portal_play_videoNextPrev My Action Replay

6. To view your Fav’d, Claimed replays (and any replays uploaded from the app) you will need to login. This will also enable you to Fav and Claim any replays you want through the portal. Click on the Login button at the top of the page. Fill in your details on the form.



portal_loginForm My Action Replay



7. Once logged in you will see further tabs appear at the top of the page – ‘Favourites’, ‘Claimed’ and ‘Uploaded’. If you click on these the page will change to show the relevant replays. If you have claimed, fav’d or uploaded a replay from the app, they will show up here and vice versa.



portal_favs My Action Replay



8. If you click on the thumbnail of any of these you will be able to share the replay by pressing on one of the icons beneath the video window:



portal_play My Action Replay


9. You can Fav, Claim and also un-fav and un-claim by simply pressing on the star icon for Fav, or the Claim button. If you have previously Favourited or Claimed it, it will remove the Fav or Claim.



If viewing a set of match highlights rather than an individual replay, it will Fav or Claim the replay that you are currently watching.



portal_play_favClaim My Action Replay




10. The uploaded section will only be visible to you and not others but you are able to share the link by pressing on one of the share to social media buttons, or by clicking on the hyperlink icon. Anyone with that link will then be able to view it.



portal_upload_play_link My Action Replay

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