If you have set your replays to be transmitted online as match highlights you can also set them to automatically post from your Twitter and Facebook accounts. At the end of the game a link to the highlights will be automatically posted from your Twitter and Facebook account together with the name of the match. (For a ‘How To Guide’ on this click here). The Twitter and Facebook accounts of the venue will be specified in the Venue Information Guide.


Note that this is slightly different to broadcasting directly to Social Media as explained in this How To Guide. Viewing the replay highlights from here is very simple.


1. Follow the Venues twitter account, or like the Venues Facebook page.



2. Click on the link when it gets posted. You can then view the replays and move forwards and back through them. If your twitter handle has been entered in the team name you will even get notified when the tweet is made).



3. Feel free to join in with the ongoing commentary on the game!

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