How to view replays on the TV screen

1. Find My Action Replay screen in venue.*


2. Watch your sporting replays! (As long as someone pressed a re:reel button to create them)


3. Use the handheld remote control* to skip forwards, backwards and pause.  Instructions for the remote are beside the screen.  The button controls are as follows:



Remote control guide My Action Replay


*Some venues don’t stream replays to TV screens – ask your My Action Replay Manager for more information.


My Action Replay TV Screen Configurations – information for venues.


The My Action Replay TV screens playback replays that have been created locally. The replay does not have to be transmitted online before it plays back on a screen.


The screens can be configured in the following ways:


1. Playback the last x replays from one of more of the cameras**



2. Playback the last x number of replays from the selected cameras.**


3. Coming soon – Playback replays from a particular session only – COMING SOON



** to change these configurations email or 0845 838 7427

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