How to access replays through the web interface – Technical Guidance
Accessing the replays with a laptop through a browser should only be completed by an IT technician.When viewing replays through the web interface Technicians should be aware that it is possible to delete all replays in error and reconfigure the My Action replay units.  Caution should be taken when carrying our this task.  If in any doubt contact or call 0845 838 7427.


From a laptop you can access a My Action Replay camera – which will only show you replays from that camera, or a Kiosk which is able to collect replays from multiple cameras. This ‘How To’ covers accessing a camera. For the ‘How To’ guide on how My Action Replay can be used with tagging, analysis, and downloading of replays please click here.


1. On your laptop or PC join the My Action Replay wireless network like you would join any wireless network. Refer to the Venue Information Guide or your My Action Replay Manager for information about the access details of the wireless network.



laptopWireless My Action Replay



2. In a web browser type in the address of the My Action Replay camera you wish to access e.g. . The addresses of the cameras are provided in the Venue Information Guide. You should see a screen similar to below:



laptopViewReplays My Action Replay


3. To view a replay click on the thumbnail and it will play back.



4. Click on the buttons at the bottom to peform actions such as ‘Download all’ – downloads all clips to a zip file for later use or storage on a USB drive.

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