How to create replays with the handheld clicker

1. Collect the My Action Replay clicker.*



My Action Replay clicker

2. There are two re:reel buttons on the clicker. Depending on your site configuration one or both buttons may activate one or more cameras. The label that comes with the clicker will describe which button does which. If there is no label, or it is not legible ask your My Action Replay manager, check on the red fob, or refer to your Venue Information guide.


3. When some action happens that you want to save, press the relevant re:reel button for the camera covering that area. The red light on the fob should show.  The camera will save the previous few moments of action.


4. You can use the App to see the replay. For how to view replays in the App Click Here.


5. Use the re:reel button throughout the game or training session to create any number of replays.


6. Remember to return the clicker at the end of the session!!


* only approved users will be allowed to use the clicker.


For information on where the clicker is kept and which cameras are activated by which buttons ask your My Action Replay Manager or refer to your Venue Information Sheet



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