The following components make up a My Action Replay club system:

The IP camera is usually permanently installed onto a clubhouse. The IP camera only requires a network cable connected to it which provides it with power and data. The IP camera and MAR Hub are plugged into the MAR router. The MAR router is then connected to the venue Internet connection.

With the equipment installed you can then access it anywhere in the world by securely logging into and visiting the control panel. From there you can also have access to a magic link you can distribute to trusted members who can install the MAR Companion app for accessing and controlling the camera.

The system works automatically and can interface with different scoring sources. If someone is scoring electronically on CricHQ, TCS or ECB PCS-Pro (desktop) the hub is able to receive scoring information from these devices and apply a ‘TV’ style overlay on the live stream and also automatically index a replay from every ball that is available to view and create highlights from the game. It is important to note that the MAR system does not require an expensive or different laptop, all the video is handled by the MAR hub. The scorer does not need to do anything else, there is a lightweight MAR Connect program for TCS and PCS-Pro that sends the scoreboard output to the MAR system.

Eventhough the camera is normally permanently installed it can be put permanently or setup temporarily on a sight screen. The following explains how.

Permanent sight screen setup

The IP camera is normally fixed permanently to the clubhouse but it can be connected to the sight screen. The exact mounting on the sight screen will be dependent on your specific screen but the IP camera comes with a wall mount and pole mount bracket. The IP  camera only needs a network cable to be connected to it as described above and this can have a length of up to 100 metres. For a permanently installed camera the network cable should be permanently installed under the ground in a suitable conduit with weather proof network patch panels at either end that can connect up the camera. The other end of the network cable connects to the PoE injector power source and onto the MAR router as described above.

The following is an example from New Farnley Cricket Club –


Example footage -

Temporary sight screen setup

The IP camera can be powered from the network cable up to 100 meters. This can be rolled out each game and we are able to provide a windable network cable with the correct connection points on. We do recommend using a windable cable for maintenance purposes. We can provide this for £200 exc VAT. This cable connects to the IP camera that can be permanently or temporarily mounted on the sightscreen.

The following is an example of this from Balbriggan Cricket Club in Ireland

Example footage –


Sunk network cable


Installed camera




Network patch panelNetwork Port for MAR

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