When you play sport there’s a lot of action, great play, not so great play, improvements, funny stuff and sometimes not much action at all. My Action Replay lets you keep the action you want and forgets the rest. It’s as simple as that!

My Action Replay cameras are carefully installed in the best positions in venue, allowing you to capture shots you otherwise couldn’t achieve.  The cameras film constantly during any session and when something happens that you want to see again, all you do is hit the re:reel button that’s connected to the camera(s).  The previous moments of action are then stored and the rest of the footage is forgotten.

Even better if you are a cricket club, our partnership with CricHQ means that if you score on CricHQ or TCS replays are created automatically as the scorer scores:

The re:reel can be pressed as many times as required and the standard length of the reelplay can be adapted (made longer or shorter) to suit particular venues.  Cameras can be de-activiated for any sessions when they are not required.

With the action saved you can replay it using the My Action Replay app on your phone or tablet. It can be viewed at the venue’s own online sports channel (created by My Action Replay) and can be watched on existing big screens in the venue during and after the session.


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BOOST YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA – HOW IT WORKS                    asset.f.logo.lg  twitter-bird-white-on-blue 

Reelplays provide instant engaging content for your social media campaign.  Easily tweet and share all the best action to showcase your venue and enhance your sporting community.

Users can watch reelplays instantly on a mobile device as part of the training session – improve on performance, check on progress, or use them to resolve any match disputes

Watch on screen in venue during or after the session – everyone can relive the glory moments, see progress made and enjoy watching performances.

Players can claim their best reelplays and share them online – create the buzz of an online community.


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By wearing a lightweight tracker device (supplied in venue), everyone’s activity can be tracked throughout the session. At the end, individual progress reports are instantly available letting you know distance covered, speed & energy used.

You can easily see your progress made, where you need to improve, and who did what – for a bit of healthy competition!

Get all the stats to help you play better, play longer, get fitter. Link this in with the reelplays to get the most out of My Action Replay.

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