For detailed guides on how to use either the Dashboard or Studio follow this link: How to use the dashboard


The Dashboard


The Dashboard is a web interface for viewing, managing and sharing replays created with a My Action Replay installation. The Dashboard provides facilities for:



Replays are organised into sessions. A session is just a time period, or an event, with a name such as “Norwich City v Real Madrid, Champions League Final, 03/06/17“. Any replays created during the session will automatically appear in the Dashboard:



Dashboard screenshot


For replays to be available via the Dashboard, a session must first be entered into the MyActionReplay session calendar. Once an appropriately named session has been entered into the session calendar and the session has begun, you can start creating replays in the usual ways: by pressing the big red My Action Replay button, by pressing the My Action Replay clicker, or with the My Action Replay app. Replays will automatically appear in the Dashboard, where you can view replays from both the current and previous sessions.


The Studio


Studio screenshot


The studio is a group of tools that let you do more with the replays you have created, by editing them and applying special effects, then sharing them immediately on social media. The studio provides a number of different ways to edit the raw replays in the browser:



Being able to edit clips in the browser and then share them directly to social media means there’s no need to download, import to desktop movie editing software, make your edit, export and then re-upload each clip!

The compilation room


The compilation room is My Action Replay’s movie-editor in the browser. Here you can create longer videos comprised of multiple replays, without having to download your entire archive of highlights and import them to desktop editing software.

Your replays are searchable by their tags, can be dragged and dropped into whatever order you like, and can each be adjusted in duration.

You also have access not only to the original replays, but to any edits created in the studio.


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