Live Streaming County Cricket – with My Action Replay and CricHQ

Posted on 17 May 2017

After the huge success of My Action Replay at Somerset County Cricket club last season - where replays generated by our technology were watched quite literally millions of times – My Action Replay has taken another huge step forward. Not only do we provide the digital clips and highlights feature through our onsite hub and unique online studio for 8 counties – Somerset, Warwickshire, Northants, Notts, Glamorgan, Leicestershire, Gloucestershire and Surrey – we now are fully integrated with the CricHQ electronic scoring products.

Through integrating with these electronic scoring systems we are able to automatically understand every single piece of information that is pertinent to that ball – the scoring shot, the names of players involved, the delivery in the over. This enables us to generate replays with hugely rich information about them and also provide an automatic on screen score overlay for live streams. If we don’t say so ourselves the output is really rather stunning – all completed and automatically updated with no production effort or manual interaction.

Somerset County Cricket club with their custom overlay:

MAR replay at Somerset CCC

Somerset Cricket Replay clip highlights

The live streams produced from My Action Replay have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times already. it was kicked off with the Champion County game:

Lords using My Action Replay

Replays from the Champion County game accessed via the My Action Replay online studio were used across social media and the web:

Champion County Highlights

ECB using CricHQ TV Highlights

Warwickshire have been live streaming on their website and using the online My Action Replay studio to publish their highlights and clips.

Warwickshire Streaming using MAR

Warwickshire live streaming on the web with CricHQ.TV powered by My Action Replay

Surrey have also utilised the My Action Replay system to live stream their games, connecting directly to CricHQ as used by the Surrey scorer and automatically updating the score overlay and providing replays:

Surrey CCC using MAR

Surrey CCC using My Action Replay to provide a CricHQ.TV live stream




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