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We believe it will help people to enjoy the sport they play, to re-live the good bits, to laugh at the funny bits and to help them or their team improve. We hope My Action Replay will inspire and enable this.

However, we are also aware of our users privacy. We will not condone in any  way the use of My Action Replay clips (reelplays) to be used for harassment or bullying. Similarly we will respect any request to remove any reelplay if someone featured within it wishes so for whatever reason. Simply complete the form below.

If we identify, or are made aware of, a particular user account using My Action Replay for bullying, harassment or discrimination we reserve the right to terminate that users account.

We work closely with the My Action Replay venues to ensure that they are able to activate and deactivate the My Action Replay cameras. If any player from either side does not wish for the cameras to be activated they will not be. Currently venues will only activate the cameras for under 16s if the responsible adult attending with them can confirm they wish the cameras to be activated.

The My Action Replay cameras are for recreational use. They are not security cameras. Despite this we do still adhere to the Data Protection Act (DPA) and anyone can make a request to be provided with access to video clips they appear in or any other data we hold about them. For our data protection policy please click here.

Our Apps allow you to connect to My Action Replay cameras to download clips and upload them to your own section on My Action Replay. They also allow you to create your own reelplays by using the ‘Phone Cam’ function. This enables you to video an event and then click the button on the App screen to create a reelplay of the previous moments.  These clips can also be uploaded to your own section on . Currently this section is not password protected so please be aware that if you upload a clip of yourself or others this could be viewed by others on Future developments you will be able to upload clips to your own private section and choose whether you wish to share them more publicly.

To make a request for the data we hold on you please fill out the form below. We charge a £10 fee for completing this and will provide details for payment once we receive your request.




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