Posted on 20 Jan 2015



The indoor camera system can be used for almost any indoor sport or activity.  It consists of a single discreet camera unit, a big red re:reel button and a personalised online channel.

The camera is installed high on the wall and is connected to the re:reel button.  The re:reel button is fixed in reach of the users. All you need to do is hit the re:reel when something happens that you want to see again.

The reelplays are sent to the personalised channel for watching and they are instantly available to view via the app.  They can also be tweeted and shared automatically.

Installation of the system is very simple and can be managed in-house. A standard plug socket is all that is required to power the camera. Internet connection is required for reelplays to go directly to the online channel, or if no internet connection is available they can be viewed via the app and easily uploaded to the channel. A single camera is suitable for an area the size of a squash court, badminton court, climbing wall or similar. Two units would be needed to cover an average sports hall ie the area the size of a netball court or indoor 5-a-side pitch.

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