From Sports Pitches to the Pitch@Palace

Posted on 17 Sep 2015

First job of the week?  Pitch to HRH Duke of York and a selected business audience at Engine Shed, Bristol.  Monday 14th saw Emily have just three minutes to explain what My Action Replay is and what it can achieve for sports and leisure venues.  Following the pitch she was pleased to have some time with HRH to discuss how it works in more detail and how he could capture his goals or analyse and perfect his golf swing.  As part of the Pitch@Palace on Tour it was a great opportunity to showcase innovative technology

logo CO3ZgM3WIAEEiIH CO3ZgM5XAAAufTZ HRH Prince Adnrew Attends Engine Shed Bristol for Pitch At Palac

Photo courtesy of Jon Craig and SETsquared


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