Why a physical Goal is better than a virtual one

Posted on 27 May 2015

We think that this Goal:

Is so much better than this one:

This tennis shot:

Is far superior to this one:

When you get out and play yourself instead of playing a computer game it might not look quite as good, it may not be technically as good. True, there are not as many people “watching” but we guarantee you will feel much better after it. You also give yourself the chance to be part of a team, chance to progress and improve and to stay healthy.

So why not get out there, get involved and get playing. There are literally hundreds of different things to do and sports and leisure venues very close to you who will help you do them. You can find out about them by clicking here.

And if you are playing at a venue that has My Action Replay installed press the re:reel button after a moment you would like to capture so you can relive it after and share it with your friends, or so that you can watch it again to see how you can improve and get better. Maybe one day you will be playing at the places shown in the computer games in front of the big crowds and if not it will definitely be more fun.

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